Midterm Project Presentation

Definition Statement – NestEgg

  • The purpose of the app is to track your goals as you complete them, facilitating incremental progression towards your goal using daily notifications and a reward system.
  • This app is for people who want to accomplish their life goals without getting overwhelmed by the big picture.
  • The core functionality of the app is to feed you small batches of easy to accomplish tasks and reward you for them each day, making it easier to accomplish your bigger goals by completing their parts incrementally.




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User Flow



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What’s your app named? NestEgg.

What problems does it solve? My app solves the common problem that most people have of being able to set goals but not being able to achieve them.

Why are you passionate about this technology? I am passionate about this because I myself struggle with completing my goals and by sharing this method with others through this app, I can help other people too.

Who is your user? My users are really anyone who wants to improve themselves, or anyone who might struggle with keeping on track with goals in life, and are willing to get better.

Why will they want to use your app? People will want to use my app because they want to be better people, not only for themselves, but for the people that they care about.

How is the app organized (user flow)? This app is based around daily notifications and a main page where you get an overview of a few tasks you can complete that day for points as well as progress towards your goals. The user will launch the app and tick off the things they complete, or tap in and add tasks to a goal (represented by an egg) or add a new goal.

What are the main sections and features? The main page features a short list of some of your main goals’ tasks, and is updated each day, allowing you to conquer your goals incrementally by doing only a few things each day. Not only are you rewarded by completing your goals, you also receive awards in the app in the form of a full egg that you can get cool patterns for that gets stored in your ‘Trophy Room’.