Assignment 4

Tentative Icon Design


Style Guide

Font Size and Style – 

The San Francisco font, the default font of iOS and Mac OS font, will be used in my app, with the default font size being 17pt and titles and headers ranging from 22pt to 28pt. The choice of San Francisco was to keep the font readable and clean, yet still compact for smaller screen sizes.


Color Palette – 

I chose a fairly complementary compound color palette for my app – The main color used as a background/baseline of my app is a cool blue color: not too bright, but not too dull either.

color pallete.png

Icon and Touch Target Sizes –

Most of the touch points in NestEgg will be the full width of the screen – being tasks to check off or menu items to click; Each of these will be the standard 44pts in height, however the Egg icons on the main screen might be as large as 80pts, and as small as 60pts, depending on user testing.


I chose the “hamburger menu” slide-out menu style for its simplicity as well as the ability to still get a hint of what might be on the next screen over. This menu style has become hugely popular in apps over the past few years and it’s user flow is established and understood by the general public.