Project 4

User Testing Script:

User Testing Script



  1. Navigate to the trophy room
  2. Add a new goal
  3. check off a daily task
  4. Change your profile picture
  5. Visit the store

User Testing Findings:

For the user testing, I got together a group of 3 people who live in my building and I asked them if they could give my app mock-up a try.

When initially prompted with the first task, Participant 1 was initially confused and tapped one of the goal eggs first, tried to swipe right, but then found the menu and subsequently the trophy room button. The other two participants also showed the same hesitation at first, not knowing exactly what to do. I might make the menu button more visible or place the trophy room button in a more conspicuous location.

For the second task, all three participants knew right off the bat what to tap, noting the large plus button.

The third task was surprisingly problematic for two of the participants, who opted to tap the label names first rather than the check. I think this can be fixed by having the whole box tappable for toggling completion. The fourth task, changing the profile picture, turned out to be the most problematic of the tasks.

All three participants initially tapped to get to the menu, then tapped one or two times on the profile picture itself before going to the settings page where one can change the picture. This is a pretty obvious fix on my part, the profile picture itself must be tappable to change it.

Task 5 went well with all 3 participants, they all tapped on the shopping cart first try. Although they all made it there smoothly, there was some hesitation, so I might make the button slightly bigger.

After the fact, the 3 participants thought it was a neat idea, however one of the participants did complain about the colors. I think I will change the color scheme before submitting the final project.